Author Bio

I’m Bella Smith, and I’m the person behind this bingo blog. I’ve played bingo for over 15 years, so to say that I’ve got experience is no lie! Like many others, I started out by playing bingo in the bingo hall near where I lived, but later moved on to play online instead, just because it’s so much more convenient.

If you love bingo as much as I do, I’m sure you’ll find this blog useful. I like writing almost as much as I like bingo, so therefore it seemed like a perfect idea to start a blog about my favorite hobby. Here you’ll find articles related to the game in one way or another. I post everything from bonus strategy guides to personal blogs about my own bingo experiences. I try to find good bonuses and exclusive promotions on a regular basis, and I always post my findings on my blog, so that my readers can take part of these as well!